Knowles Looks For Change at NHRA SummerNationals

(05-29-14) Grand Junction, CO – An .052 light with a 5.915 should win many Pro Mod Drag Races but, with the luck Mike Knowles has been having this season it just wasn’t the case at the last RPM event in Atlanta.

Mike Knowles Racing“We’re right there. Sometimes, in this sport, you can beat your head for years and then you catch a break and everything just works. We can run with just about anyone out there but, we can’t catch that break,” said team owner/driver Mike Knowles.

Knowles’ Colorado based team will make the long trek east to Englishtown, NJ for the 45th annual SummerNationals presented by Powerocks. This weekend looking for that break that gets them on a roll.

“I guess it’s like any sport. You can really get inside your head and it causes you to get tight and push too hard. It’s the same with Drag Racing. There are so many variables that you can second guess yourself, check everything 10 times, and miss some small detail just once and then that it bites you. There’s just so much that goes on before during and after a run. We’ve got all the right tools for the job we just need to make our own luck and put our name on it,” said car chief, Bill Rice.

Issues that arose after the running of the last NHRA Pro Mod event caused a driver from another class to be levied a heavy fine. Knowles feels that the sanctioning body should take a second look at the events that led to the fining of Top Fuel Pilot, Bob Vandergriff.

“While our sport can draw many correlations with stick and ball sports there’s one big difference. We fund ourselves. There is no profit sharing from the sanctioning body and WE PAY to put on a show for the fans. When a sanctioning body fines a driver for speaking out about a safety issue I have a big problem with that; especially $20,000. I mean come on! NFL, NHL, MLB and NBA players have SUED their leagues over past safety issues and I’m pretty sure questioning safety is not considered detrimental to the Sanctioning body,” stated Mike Knowles.

The Pro Modified class at the 45th annual NHRA SummerNationals is presented by Powerocks. Powerocks is the manufacturer of high-end power products, with over 10 years of experience developing lithium ion battery products. OFFWIRE, a national distributor of cellular accessories based in OMAHA, NE, has been bringing the Powerocks product line to the US market since 2011. OFFWIRE has been recognized twice by the Chamber of Commerce as one of Omaha’s fastest growing companies (2001 and 2002) and ranked as one of the fastest growing companies in America by Inc Magazine three years in a row (2011, 2012, and 2013). The Powerocks product line features escalating battery capacities allowing you to choose what power best meets your lifestyle and device requirements. Portable charging is a growing trend among smartphone users including business travelers, concert and game lovers, busy moms and dads, students, and those who embrace an active and outdoor lifestyle.

Rowe & Matusek Looking to Seal the Deal at NHRA Southern Nationals

(5-16-2014) COMMERCE, Georgia – Danny Rowe and Steve Matusek don’t have the same kind of history at Atlanta Dragway – host of this weekend’s 34th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals – that they do at many of the other stops on the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series tour. Venues like those in Houston, St. Louis, Englishtown and others offer both drivers a plethora of good memories and celebrated times that they simply haven’t had as many opportunities to create in Atlanta, which Pro Mods return to for the first time since 2011, but that’s something the Agave Underground Tequila drivers are looking to change.

Matusek Agave Underground Danny Rowe Racing“We’re not completely unfamiliar with Atlanta Dragway, but it’s been a few years since we’ve raced there,” says Rowe. “We’re excited to be in this market, though, and put on a show for these Southeastern race fans that are passionate about Pro Mod drag racing. Not to mention, this is about as close as it gets to a hometown race for Jimmy [Rector, crew chief], and I know he’s excited to be racing less than a couple hours from the shop outside Chattanooga.”

Since posting a pair of semifinal round finishes at the most recent event in Houston, Rowe and Matusek are both looking forward to the opportunity to build upon their collective early season successes.

“We left Houston four-and-five in the points, respectively, but I think I can speak for everyone on the team when I say that we’re ready to put a bow on it – get one of these Agave Underground Tequila hot rods in the winner’s circle,” continues Rowe. “We came out of the gate with a couple of competitive race cars and we’ve proven race-after-race that we’ve got a championship-contending team, so we’re eager to have another chance to get the job done and start moving toward those top two spots in the points this weekend in Atlanta.”

While Matusek, a veteran of the Pro Modified ranks and top-tier sportsman racer, is still acclimating himself to his new supercharged ’68 Camaro versus the twin-turbocharged Mustang he campaigned over the last several seasons, he, too, is feeling like the time is now for the Agave Underground Tequila Pro Mod team.

“We can talk about the feeling out process and getting comfortable all we want, but the fact is that this team has already made runs that can win races,” says Matusek, founder and president of high performance fuel system manufacturer Aeromotive, Inc. “Looking at the progress we’ve made since those first few passes in Gainesville to where we are now, I think we’re pretty happy, but there’s a competitive spirit in this camp – one that I’ll readily admit to contributing to – that doesn’t want to settle for anything short of putting both these Agave Underground Camaros in the final, and one of them in the winner’s circle.

“It’s been a little while since any of us have raced in Atlanta, so I think we’re looking forward to something a little fresh, and with the weather forecast I believe we’re going to see serious performances on the track,” continues Matusek. “We’ve already experienced the most competitive fields NHRA Pro Mod has ever seen and I don’t believe this weekend’s race in Atlanta will be any different.”

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Courtesy of Danny Rowe Racing & Drag Illustrated

Blown Money heading to “Georgia’s House of Speed”

(5-13-2014) GRAND JUNCTION, CO – The 34th annual Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Southern Nationals marks the third event on the 2014 NHRA Pro Modified Tour. Held May 16-18 at Atlanta Dragway in Commerce, GA the race highlights a return of NHRA Pro Mods to the Atlanta area after a two year absence.

Blown Money Racing Hauler Tim McAmisAtlanta hasn’t been a friendly place to Mike Knowles and his “Blown Money” team. The team has failed to qualify for the last two Pro Mod events held there (2010 and 2011) but, with recent performance gains Knowles is confident this year will be different. “We definitely need to get the monkey off our back and this would be a great place for us to do it. This track has never been good to us. Lately we’ve been making gains with our program and we seem to be ready to crest the hill. It’s always tough running with this group of racers but I ‘m feeling pretty good about this race,” said team owner/driver Mike Knowles.

Knowles currently sits just outside of the top 10 in points, in the 11th position. Only one round win separates him from the 7th position in this tight early points chase. Chassis Builder and “Blown Money” team member, Tim McAmis, is no stranger to the tough competition within the Pro Mod ranks and feels this team is very close to a run at the top. “We have a really good group of guys on the team and we have made significant gains over the last few races. We just need to find our groove and everything will fall into place. We have the equipment and the people we just need that one lucky break and I know we can go on a roll,” said McAmis of Tim McAmis Race Cars.

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TMPP Introduces Pre-Fit Wing Kits for Camaro and Nova

(05-09-2014) HAWK POINT, MO – Tim McAmis Performance Parts (TMPP), a division of Tim McAmis Race Cars, Inc. which provides customers with the same parts and components used on their championship and award winning race cars, has introduced a new line of pre-fit, professional wing kits for the ‘67-69 Camaro and ‘66-72 Nova.

TMPP-Wing-01The majority of ‘bolt-on’ wing kits were developed years ago for street vehicles and race cars that saw speeds just over 100 MPH.  Little or no thought went into making these products endure 200 MPH speeds and the physical abuse that Outlaw 10.5, Drag Radial and even some bracket cars now see on a regular basis. In order to have a safe, adjustable wing today, many racers resort to spending thousands of dollars on custom built wings.

Seeing the need for a professional level wing that racers can easily install themselves, TMPP has taken decades of experience developing industry-leading Pro Modified parts and engineered a line of pre-fit wings for the ‘67-69 Camaro and ‘66-72 Nova.  The result is a great looking, reliable wing with professional tuning features that can be installed with basic tools in just a few hours.

Made of .060” thick aluminum, each wing along with its spill plates and wicker bill is laser cut and pre-bent to ensure a quality fit.  Four struts provide the structural support necessary for down force generated from today’s top speeds. Additionally, both the wicker bill and struts are fully functional and adjustable giving user’s greater tunability over traditional wings. Each kit comes complete with stainless hardware, plated support tabs, quick pins and instructions.

If you are a serious racer who pushes your car beyond what it was intended for, or you are looking for a product that will stand the test of time; consider stepping up to the proven products of TMPP which top builders choose and professional racers rely on.

Check out the video below for more information or CLICK HERE to view the wings.


0.060” Aluminum 13” Wing  |  Laser Cut & Pre-Bent for Body  |  Adjustable Wicker Bill  |  Adjustable Supports  |  Plated Support Tabs  |  Quick Release Pins  |  Stainless Hardware  |  Easy Installation



Moits Racing: Pushing Performance Boundaries

(04-28-2014) Clarendon NSW – Australian doorslammer pilot, Paul Mouhayet, known worldwide for achieving the fastest speed ever recorded on a set of 10.5W tires at 252.95mph in 5.990 seconds, and his Moits Racing team are one step closer to reaching their ultimate goal: adding to their legacy as a team that pushes performance boundaries to new heights with a take-no-prisoners mindset.

Mouhayet Mustang-Web-1117Their ambition drove them to seek out one of the world’s premier chassis builders for a venture into Pro Modified. The Moits team commissioned Tim McAmis Race Cars to create their new beast which sports the latest technology allowing them to become one of the quickest and fastest cars on the planet.

Built specifically for the turbocharged engine combination and knowing its potential to exceed speeds of 260mph, the crew at TMRC strengthened the chassis around the driver and installed one of Racetech’s lightweight full-containment carbon fiber racing seats—a staple of TMRC’s high-end race cars. Additional features include a titanium back half and titanium firewall, as well as titanium brackets, mounts and bolts throughout the car. The chassis is finished out with TMRC’s billet rear end housing, carbon fiber wheelie bars, and lightweight carbon fiber interior, including parachute, and the fire bottle handles.

Moits’ love for carbon fiber influenced the exterior design created by Tyrant Productions and applied beautifully at Paint by Jeff Hoskins. A sleek black with a “carbon fiber” center stripe across the hood of the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake body, originally developed by Moran Motorsports and formed in-house by TMRC’s Velocity Composites division.

Seated between the frame rails is the 4,000 horse power, world-conquering 481X billet big block by Pro Line Racing. Using a set of Precision Turbochargers, this combination has set fire to the record books in 2014 and recently achieved the fastest speed ever recorded in a 1/8th mile doorslammer at 221 MPH.

The Moits brothers and their family-owned Moits Excavation business will serve as the primary sponsor on the new Pro Modified Mustang, and Con and Vic at CV Performance in Australia will handle the tuning duties. GD Race Cars, a regular customer of Tim McAmis Performance Parts, will join Mouhayet in maintaining the stunning machine.

The new Mustang will debut at the inaugural Street Car Super Nationals in St. Louis in August, before it is shipped down under for competition in a class known as Extreme Outlaw. In the meantime, Moits Racing has every intention of pushing the limits of their 10.5 car.

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Moits Mustang Interior

Knowles Looks to Strike it Rich in “The Energy Capital of the World”

(04-22-2014) Grand Junction, CO – Many an oil man hustled their way to fortune around the Houston, TX area. This weekend Mike Knowles and his Blown Money team look to “strike it rich” drilling Christmas trees in “The Energy Capital of the World”.

mikeknowles2011Mike Knowles of Knowles Trucking and Knowles Enterprises is no stranger to the energy business or “drilling the tree”. The Grand Junction, Colorado resident makes his living in the energy sector but, he gets his thrills behind the wheel of his methanol burning 68’ Camaro rocketing down the ¼ mile at over 240 miles per hour. In his last outing, at the season opener in Gainesville, Fl, Knowles came up short in the first round but, not without taking a shot at the tree; “Drilling it” with a .037 reaction time and loosing by a mere 29 thousandths of a second. This weekend the Blown Money team heads to Houston, Texas aka “The Energy Capital of the World” for the 27th annual O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA SpringNationals with Pro Mods Presented by J&A Service.

The 27th annual O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA SpringNationals with Pro Mods Presented by J&A Service is the second race on the ten race NHRA Pro Modified Series. The SpringNationals are held at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas; 25 miles east of downtown Houston on the weekend of April 25th-27th.

The Pro Modified class at the 27th annual O’Reilly Auto Parts NHRA SpringNationals is presented by J&A Service. J&A Service, based out of Grand Junction, Colorado, is a leader in Oil and Gas Field Exploration Services.


(3-28-2014) BAKERSFIELD, CA – The Maggio Motorsports team did it again. This past weekend at Auto Club Famoso Raceway in Bakersfield, California was the 2014 West Coast Outlaw Pro Mod Association (WCOPMA) season opening event in conjunction with the National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA). Mike Maggio and his Maggio Motorsports team ran the table for their sixth WCOPMA event win since first racing with the group in 2011.

maggio2Of Maggio’s six total WCOPMA victories a total of five of them have been clean sweeps which included a number 1 qualifying spot, event win and low ET of the event…this past weekend’s victory was no different.

Maggio started the day by grabbing the top qualifying spot posting a 5.754 on the score boards. Not too far behind was event runner up Rod Burbage in his Spec Rite Converter Racing 1969 Camaro with a 5.764. Jeremy Hanger and Tim “TK” Krupa rounded out the top half of the qualifying order with impressive 5.834 and 5.851 runs.

In the first round of eliminations Maggio edged out tough competitor Sean Renteria in his fan favorite unique 1964 Plymouth Valliant with a 5.744 to Renteria’s peddling 6.034. In his semifinal matchup Maggio would be paired against his old 1970 Camaro now campaigned by a top west coast based turbo racer Scott Oksas. Maggio’s crew chief Kurt Kuhnes had the ol Camaro hopped up and a new WCOPMA blower ET record of 5.694 lit up the score board for the round win. (side note – only two racetracks in the world have seen 5.6-second passes by Pro Mod cars. Las Vegas Motor Speedway in November of 2013 by John Stanley and Mike Maggio and now Auto Club Famoso Raceway can be added to that list).

Maggio would meet up against Burbage for what would sure to be a great final round. Burbage earned his way to the final by getting past John Durden with a 5.786 and Garrett Richards with a 5.766.

In the final round Burbage had the advantage at the tree but shortly after that it was all over as he had to do a quick peddle allowing Maggio to thunder down the 1320 for the event win with a 5.714 to Burbage’s 5.972.

The next event for the WCOPMA is scheduled for June 7-8 back at Auto Club Famoso Raceway for their Super Chevy Show event. The competition is tough this year as there are now five proven 5.7-players and a good ten or so 5.8-5.9 racers out here with many more teams stepping up their programs that will be ready for our next event.

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Rowe & Matusek Battle at NHRA Pro Mod Season Opener

(3-27-2014) LAGUNA HILLS, CA – Had Danny Rowe (above) and Steve Matusek’s paths crossed a little later in eliminations it could have been argued that the Agave Underground Tequila Pro Mod team had a perfect weekend, but it’s difficult to view the 45th annual Amalie Motor Oils NHRA Gatornationals as anything less.

Rowe_Agave_suitAfter qualifying number one and eight, respectively, amongst the quickest field in the history of the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series with Rowe’s 5.858-second, 250.33mph effort and Matusek’s 5.904-second, 246.26mph blast, the Pro Mod tag team headed into Sunday morning’s elimination rounds paired up with two nitrous oxide frontrunners in Jim Laurita and Dan Stevenson.

“With a 5.95 bump spot there’s nobody you can take lightly,” says Rowe, looking back at the strongest field of Pro Mods the class had ever seen. “All the cars are so close, we knew we’d have to fight for every round – there wouldn’t be any ‘gimmes’ in Gainesville.”

When the smoke cleared after the opening stanza both Rowe and Matusek were heading to the second round; Rowe dispatching Stevenson with a stout 5.949/246.93mph combination while Matusek trailered Jim Laurita with a 5.986-second, 242.76mph lap – setting up a quarterfinal round showdown between the Agave Underground Tequila Pro Mod Camaros.

“If you’re going to have to race your teammate, you’d like for it to be in the final,” says Matusek, checking in from his office at Kansas-based Aeromotive, Inc. – the high performance fuel systems company he founded and serves as President. “The way we looked at it, though, was that one of us was going on to the semis, and that’s the most important thing – going rounds on race day.”

PRI_MatusekWhen the yellow lights flashed Rowe and Matusek left together and were side-by-side until the eighth-mile mark when Rowe pulled away for the win with a 5.919/246.48mph effort to Matusek’s 5.996/241.41mph shot.

“That was going to be a hell of a drag race,” says Rowe. “The side window came out of Steve’s car down toward the finish line and he had to let out of it, but it was a still a great race and, honestly, I have to say it was cool to be out there doing a burnout alongside my teammate in another supercharged Agave Underground Camaro. Like Steve says, you don’t want to meet your teammate until the final, but it was pretty killer for all the Pro Mod fans in Gainesville.”

In the semifinal round, however, Danny Rowe Racing’s incredible early season momentum was slowed slightly when reigning NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series champion Rickie Smith jumped off the starting line just before Danny Rowe, and held on for a holeshot victory with a 5.919/246.48mph pass over Rowe’s quicker and faster 5.889-second, 248.25mph effort.

“You hate to lose like that,” says Rowe. “You hate it for the team, mainly, because these guys – Jimmy, Karen, Junior, Darryl, Chop, Chris and Gary – all work so hard and really gave Steve and I both a pair of bad ass race cars this weekend. But like I always say, that’s why they call it racing and not winning. You’re going to win some on a holeshot and you’re going to lose some; today we were just on the wrong side of it.

“We’ve got two great cars and we’re already turning our attention to Houston,” continues Rowe. “We’re looking to go down there and pick up right where we left off in Gainesville – with two of most competitive cars on the property.”

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Blown Money Team Passed the Testing Season; Ready for 2014 NHRA Pro Mod Opener

(3-14-2014) GAINESVILLE, FL – It’s been a busy “off-season” for Mike Knowles and his Blown Money Pro Modified team. After finishing 2013 with a career best 5.88 at the season finale’ in Vegas the concentration for the down months went to perfecting their already stout combination.

knowles2013web“We had a good combination all last year. We just needed to put everything together and learn what she wanted. We got a glimpse of that in Vegas and this off-season we really didn’t make that many changes and focused more on finding her happy place,” said car chief, Bill Rice.

“We went testing a handful of times and just focused on the set up and the tune up. We wanted to see how the car reacted to the changes. We did this each time out and then were able to bring her back to our baseline each time she would repeat. This helps us learn what the car will do in various weather and track conditions. It’ll hopefully keep us ahead of the curve as the season roles on,” added Rice.

“Tim (McAmis), Bart (Sunn), and Billy have really made these testing sessions count. There have been times in the past when I questioned how much the testing helps but, this year we learned valuable information each time we went out. It’s kinda like that light bulb coming on moment when you know something really good is gonna happen. I believe in my guys and the combination we have. I have a pretty darn good feeling about this year and I can’t wait for it to start,” said team owner/driver Mike Knowles.

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Rowe & Matusek set for Gainesvill​e Invasion

(3-14-2014) GAINESVILLE, FL – Only days removed from a phenomenal multi-day test session at Palm Beach International Raceway in Florida, the newly formed Pro Mod tag-team of Danny Rowe and Steve Matusek have made the short trip up to Gainesville Raceway and are ready to put their supercharged Agave Underground Tequila Pro Mod Camaros to work.


Work begins, of course, at this weekend’s 45th annual Amalie Motor Oil NHRA Gatornationals – the historic, tradition-rich kickoff to the 10-race NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series season.

“We’re definitely ready,” said Rowe. “Jimmy [Rector, crew chief] and the team have hardly stopped working since we pulled out of Las Vegas last October. It’s been a non-stop effort to get ready for what’s likely to be the most competitive season we’ve ever seen in NHRA Pro Mod.

“We made some good runs in testing and made a lot of ground, especially with Steve [Matusek] getting comfortable in a blower car after having raced a turbo car for several years,” Rowe continued. “This winter was all about finding horsepower and we’re hoping we can see the fruits of that labor starting this weekend at the Gatornationals, which is always one of our favorite stops on the tour. It’s the first race of the season, but it’s also one of the most fabled events on the entire NHRA trail and you can tell – the fans come out in droves and they’re passionate and knowledgeable. The community kind of rallies around the race, and that’s adds a lot to it, as well.”

Without question, the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series has established itself as the final frontier for fast doorslammer drag racing, and Rowe and Matusek intend to make the most of the platform in 2014.

“We’ve seen this series continue to grow year after year,” said Rowe. “The caliber of teams that are out here right now – from the drivers and cars to the crew chiefs and crews – are at an all-time high. All the different combinations – supercharged, nitrous-injected and turbocharged – are all very competitive, and it should make for some bad ass drag racing. With the conditions we generally have in Gainesville, I’m sure we’re going to see some big numbers, too. We’re excited.”

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