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Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect

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Quick Overview:

MOMO’s Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect is the finest hub adapter for quick, one-handed removal vital for rapid exit from the vehicle.

• Designed for Smooth, Repeatable Use
Impossible to Misalign Steering Wheel
Secure Spring Style Action with ZERO Play
• Immaculate Black Finish
• SFI 42.1 Certification
• Made In Italy

*Install with weld-on Steering Shaft Adapter, part number VAN-93C


MOMO is a name synonymous with finely crafted, impeccably engineered racing components and their Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect certainly lives up to the name.

Standard steering wheel disconnects used in drag racing contain some unfavorable characteristics that we have come to accept over time. Most common is a noticeable slack between the hub and steering shaft that rightfully leaves drivers with an uneasy feeling. All too often, this leads to a steering wheel coming off during a run. Additionally, traditional hubs are frequently misaligned on the splined steering shaft. Both of these scenarios have tremendous safety and financial consequences for competitors.

With MOMO’s Steering Wheel Quick Disconnect, drivers no longer have to accept these characteristics which equate to playing Russian Roulette every time they buckle into their race car.

CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum, the MOMO QD features a spring-loaded pin designed for repeatable, smooth connect and disconnect for the life of the product. Engineered with a tapered, asymmetrical socket catch to make misalignment impossible, the quick disconnect’s two ends seamlessly snap together to form a single unit with zero slop between the steering wheel and shaft.

After seeing this unit in person, you will never want to use a traditional version again.

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Country of Manufacture Italy


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