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Split Upper Nitrous Bottle Mount Rings

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Quick Overview:

Split Upper Nitrous Bottle Mount Rings simplify the process of changing nitrous bottles while still maintaining security of a nitrous bottle within its mount. Check out the video below for a full overview!

• Retains nitrous bottles in mount
• Quick and easy servicing over traditional rings
• No loose hardware
Fits TMR-1091 Mounts as direct replacement or upgrade*

• CNC machined billet aluminum construction
• Split upper / swing out design
• Contoured edge with o-ring to fit bottle and prevent scratches
• Tethered hardware

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The most important function of a nitrous bottle mount is to safely retain the bottle(s) in the event of an accident. Because of this, we developed a rack-style nitrous bottle mount system (TMR-1091) which has now been used for decades. Instead of using t-clamps around the center of a nitrous bottle, TMRC mounts maintain security of the bottle with a ring that fits over the neck of a bottle and locks it into the base of the mount.

Although the rack system works flawlessly for its main purpose of securing nitrous bottles within the mount, it is not the easiest to service between rounds due to the amount of hardware involved. Because of this, we have designed a Split Upper Nitrous Bottle Mount Ring.

Split Upper Nitrous Bottle Rings are a result of our continual effort to improve usability and performance in components. Machined from 6061 billet aluminum, the Split Upper Rings bear a similar appearance to standard TMRC nitrous bottle mount rings, but offer a completely new experience for crew members while servicing bottles between rounds.

Instead of removing and managing multiple thumbscrews and rings with each bottle change, the Split Upper Ring design simply unlocks with one tethered thumbscrew and allows the ring to swing out, making the bottle ready for removal. Split Upper Rings, allow all hardware to remain in place so bottle removal literally takes a few seconds instead of minutes. Best of all, they were designed as a direct replacement for existing rings on our nitrous bottle mounts and can be utilized without having to install a whole new mount. *Two sizes available for modular or pre-2015 weld-up style mounts. See dimension image for bolt spacing reference*

Be sure to check out the video below for a complete overview and demonstration of the system!


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