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Roots Burst Panel Deflector

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Quick Overview:

The Roots Burst Panel Deflector (TMR-1027K-A) helps improve safety and reduce cost of repair after a supercharger explosion by directing pressure out and away from a vehicle to atmosphere. To learn more about the TMRC Roots Burst Panel Deflector, watch the short video below.

**Now comes standard with black anodized finish!**


Advances in supercharger technology and the horsepower produced from modern blown alcohol engines has generated stellar on-track performances in every drag racing category. The increased pressure and resulting power leads to equally impressive destruction when parts breakage occurs.

Massive supercharger backfires trapped within the bodywork often destroys front ends, firewalls and occasionally produces catastrophic fires stemming from broken fuel lines and other equipment. In order to improve safety and reduce cost of repair after an explosion, Tim McAmis first developed the TMR-1027 Burst Panel Deflector for PSI screw superchargers. The extended Burst Panel Deflector would work like a chimney by channeling pressure out and away from the vehicle to atmosphere in the event of a backfire.

After years of successful use and great customer response to the screw supercharger Burst Panel Deflector, Tim looked to apply the same concept to a roots-type supercharger. This version would present many design challenges based on various belt configurations coupled with a front-positioned burst panel on the manifold.

Extensive on-track testing and recorded victories on some of today’s top Pro Modified’s has demonstrated that TMRC’s angled Roots Burst Panel Deflector (TMR-1027K-A) exceeds all challenges put forward in development and is now ready for your roots-blown race car.

To learn more about the TMRC Roots Burst Panel Deflector, watch the short video below.

Features & Benefits:
• Exhausts explosion to atmosphere
• Directs air away from fuel lines and components
• Prevents body damage and expensive front end repairs
• Precision machined from 6061 T6 aluminum
• Pocked milled for weight savings
• Plenty of room for belt and guard
• Spacer for clearance and all hardware included
• Stays on manifold while blower is removed
• Extra height that can be trimmed for different hoods
• Tested and approved by top crew chiefs
• Made in the USA


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