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Modular Burst Panel Chimney

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Quick Overview:

Always at the forefront of burst panel technology, Tim McAmis Performance Parts has developed another unique deflector solution, this time for turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged combinations. Be sure to read and watch the video below to learn more about all of the innovative features offered by the Modular Burst Panel Chimney.

• Innovative modular design
• 5” Chimney to accommodate most hood heights
• Remarkable Hood Support Flange with adjustment up to 10 degrees
• Chimney Base Plate machined with unique relief area for burst panel to fully open without restriction
• Easily adapts to different combinations with single component replacement instead of entire unit.
• Complete with black anodizing and stainless steel fasteners
• Made In USA


With the escalation in power output from modern turbocharged and centrifugally supercharged engines, also comes a severe increase in damage when the engine fails. Just like screw and roots blower applications, the need for a burst panel in the throttle body-centered manifolds for these engines was needed.

Adding a burst panel to the intake helped prevent engine damage, but just like traditional blower combinations, major damage was now transferred to the car’s front end and body. A new way to deflect the explosion into atmosphere away from the vehicle is now a necessity for these types of intake manifolds.

With hundreds of engine combinations, a one-size fits all approach will not solve the problem for everyone. That is why the designers at Tim McAmis Performance Parts developed a brilliant Modular Burst Panel Chimney which racers can customize to suit their vehicle.

The Modular Burst Panel Chimney Kit consists of three main components:
1) Chimney Base Plate – Mounts to the intake and secures a large SFI 23.1 burst panel and chimney.
2) 5” Chimney – Secured with base plate and trimmed to fit hood line.
3) Hood Support Flange – Mounts to chimney, adjustable up to 10 degrees to support front end.

Because of its innovative design, the TMR-1027T Modular Burst Panel Chimney offers several functions not found in rudimentary burst deflector configurations.

Instead of having to purchase an entire unit for each engine swap, alteration or vehicle change, the modularity of the TMR-1027T allows you to simply replace the chimney section in order to fit your new or updated combination.

Typical vertical deflector units are machined in one piece with a narrow chimney to allow clearance for fasteners at the base. Because of this, the flat base protrudes over the burst panel and chokes down the path for an explosion to escape. In contrast, the modular design’s Chimney Base Plate features a remarkable tapered relief that allows the burst panel to open fully when ruptured.

When an opening is added to a frontend to accommodate a burst panel deflector, it creates a weak area in the hood no matter how big or small the hole. Because of this, you may have noticed cars with these units installed can have areas where the hood is starting to droop, especially at speed. To combat this, the Modular Burst Panel Chimney comes equipped with a distinctive Hood Support Flange that adds structure to the weakened area and can be adjusted up to 10 degrees to suit most hood profiles.

CNC machined from billet aluminum, the TMR-1027T kit features a professional black anodized finish and comes ready to install with a complete set of stainless steel fasteners.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of the Modular Burst Panel Chimney and related accessories.


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