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  • HD 4130 Wishbone Kit
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  • 1.25" HD Wishbone Slider
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  • Optional Forward Wishbone Mount Kit
  • Optional Forward Wishbone Mount Kit

HD Wishbone Kits

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Quick Overview:

After several seasons testing on the world’s quickest and fastest door slammers, TMRC’s V2 Heavy Duty Wishbones are now available in kit form! Choose from four standard sizes when ordering.

• Heavy Duty X-Brace Design
• CNC-Notched Tubes Create Perfect Symmetry
• Welded in CNC Fixture to Preserve Accuracy and Uniformity
• Ultra-Smooth 1-1/4” Steel Slider
• Machined Slider Body with Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• Drop-In ready for V1 Wishbones
• Optional Forward /Reverse Mount Kits for New Installations
• Made In USA

• TIG Welded 4130 Heavy Duty Wishbone
• Machined HD Slider Unit
• Slider Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• HIMIS Wishbone Rod Ends and Jam Nuts
• Slider Rod End, Spacers, Locking Pin and Jam Nut

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From NHRA Pro Modified to Radial vs. The World; No Prep Kings to the streets of Oklahoma City, TMRC’s next generation wishbones have endured the gauntlet with every power adder and combination imaginable. The results prove that the methodically engineered V2 wishbones deliver unparalleled performance and reliability in drag racing’s most demanding applications.

What makes the next generation wishbone exceptional?
The HD Wishbone Kit was developed with two goals mind. First: It must be able to withstand the exponential growth in power generated by the modern door slammer. Second: It should remain butter-smooth in all operational capacities to so that it does not deflect or bind which can translate issues to the rest of the suspension.

To ensure the HD Wishbone Kit achieved a new level of strength, it started with a triangulated design. However, with 3,000lb cars now producing over 5,000hp, it was determined that the legs of the wishbone could have the potential to deflect under extreme loads. To combat this, a distinct X-Brace was conceived and strategically positioned for stabilization of the legs. The wishbones engineered strength is taken even further in manufacturing where the scrupulous process results in a component with characteristics that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.

Construction of the wishbone starts with 4130 tubing that is 20% larger in diameter than first generation wishbones. These tubes are secured within a CNC mill where they are notched for a seamless fit. When complete, these impeccably-fit tubes generate a more robust wishbone as there are no gaps to fill during the welding process.

Wishbone Manufacturing Process

After notching, the tubes are placed on a dedicated CNC wishbone welding fixture and aligned with a machined 4130 slider body as well as two perfectly located tube adapters. The specialized fixture produces a completely symmetrical, remarkably solid wishbone after TIG welding is conducted by TMRC’s well accomplished craftsmen.

Even with the strongest wishbone available, it does not serve much purpose if its function is limited from binding or unwanted movement. Therefore, considerable attention was given to the slider assembly which must hold its own against an inconceivable amount of stress during a run.

The wishbone’s 4130 slider body measures 1-5/8” in diameter and houses a 10” long extreme duty sliding unit. The sleeve is machined to accept two internal retainers along with a pair of steel sleeve bearings which are bronzed for reduced friction between the body and slider.

The HD Wishbone Slider is formed through an arduous machining process where a precise 1-1/4” outside diameter is established resulting in a smooth, mirror-like finish.

Two flats are milled for user adjustments before drilling a small hole to accept a steel pin which can be used to lock down the rod end after installation. To receive an equally-tough Aurora rod end, 3/4” threads are tapped into the slider before it is back-bored for weight savings. A final chamfer is machined to the outer faces of the slider to prevent binding from hard edges while maintaining fluid movement within the wishbone’s slider body.

The Heavy Duty Wishbone is available in four standard sizes that serve as a drop-in replacement for TMRC’s first generation wishbone kits.

For new installations, optional Wishbone Mount Kits are available for both forward and rear facing slider applications.

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