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Front End Mount Kit (Rear)

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Quick Overview:

Dzus fasten the rear portion of your composite front end to the firewall area using pre-fabricated mounts that attach to the rocker panel, strut tube and the bottom edge of the windshield. Use with TMR-1199 Front End Mount Kits. Check out the video below to see how this kit is used when mounting a front end!

• Pre-Bent Lower Mount Brackets (2)
• Pre-Bent Upper Mount Brackets (2)
• Large Self-Eject Dzus Fasteners (8)
• Dzus Weld Plates (8)
• Dzus Springs & Rivets
• Detailed Instructions


The Front End Mount Kit (Rear) allows you to dzus fasten the rear portion of a composite front end to the firewall / windshield area of the body. Pre-bent mounting tubes form standardized configurations for most vehicles and attach to the rocker panel, strut tube and bottom edge of the windshield at the firewall. Excess length tubing can be trimmed to fit the proper height needed for your application, or bent to achieve necessary connections. The eight self-eject dzus fasteners generate a dependable, easy to use mounting solution when accompanied with one of our Front End Mount Kits (TMR-1199) which creates a front end mount tree for the front of the chassis.

Minor fabrication is required to attach the kit to your chassis and it comes with all hardware including self-ejecting dzus fasteners and springs.

Watch a tutorial video below where Tim demonstrates how this kit is used when mounting a composite front end.


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