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Carbon Fiber Parachute Pusher

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Quick Overview:

Carbon Fiber Parachute Pusher Disc designed to sit flat on the parachute backing plate. This prevents a parachute shroud from becoming tangled around the air cylinder pushrod after slipping between the parachute mount backing plate and ordinary flat pusher plate.

Quick Look:
• Designed for Simpson “Air Boss” or Stroud Parachutes
• 1/8" thick Carbon Fiber Plate
• Disc measures 7" in diameter
• Prevents parachute deployment malfunctions
• Made In USA


After noticing several parachute deployment malfunctions caused by parachute shrouds tangling around the air cylinder pushrod, we decided to take a closer look to find a solution. When this type of malfunction occurs, the best case scenario is that you walk away with a bent air cylinder pushrod. Other situations result in less favorable outcomes.

Upon further investigation we discovered that this issue was generated from a gap created by the air cylinder hardware between the parachute mount backing plate and flat pusher plate. Although the area is relatively small, it is enough for the parachute shroud to work its way into and potentially tear some shit up.

The Fix: Once the root of a problem is revealed, the next step in problem solving is to find a solution. In this case, the answer was very simple: Remove the gap.

To eliminate the problematic gap, we decided the simplest approach would consist of a new pusher plate featuring a small protrusion to encompass the air cylinder hardware. With the hardware spacing accounted for, the rest of the pusher could lay flat on the parachute backing plate.

Since we’re creating a new parachute pusher, we might as well make it badass… It was obvious to us that it should be formed out of carbon fiber.

The final result is a 7” diameter, 1/8” thick Parachute Pusher which is lightweight, extremely durable and has a smooth, glossy carbon fiber finish.

Carbon Fiber Parachute Pusher Disc's are sold individually and use mounting hardware from the standard pusher plate being replaced.

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Country of Manufacture United States


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