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  • Bolt-On Body Mount Plate
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Bolt-On Body Mount Kit

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Quick Overview:

The Bolt-On Body Mount Kit makes it possible to mount a composite body without damaging its exterior finish during fabrication. See video below for a demonstration.


Over the years, we discovered that mounting a body using the traditional method of drilling holes for body mount plates and tack welding them often leaves behind permanent deformations. Although minor, the filled drill holes and heat distortions always seem to present themselves after a car is completed and spends some time at the race track.

In an effort to produce the highest quality race cars available, TMRC developed a non-destructive system for mounting a body which has proven to be successful for well over 10 years. Using this process requires no drilling of holes or welding near the body which leaves a smooth, like-new finish on the gelcoat when a body is mounted and ready for paint.

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

• 28” Body Mount Tube (8)
• 6” Body Mount Tube (2)
• Roof Support Hoop (4)
• Body Mount Plate (8)
• Body Mount Plate Tab (8)
• Body Mount Clevis (8)
• Body Mount Clevis Bolt (8)
• Body Mount Clevis Nut (8)


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