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  • Pro Mod Truck Welded Chassis (Double Frame Rail)
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  • Pro Mod Truck Chassis
  • Welded Pro Mod Chassis
  • Pro Mod Funny Car Cage
  • Pro Mod Truck Chassis Build
  • Pro Mod 4-Link
  • Shock Mount Tabs
  • Double Frame Rail Control Arms
  • Rack & Pinion Mount
  • Pro Mod Chassis Tig Weld Gussets

Pro Mod Truck Welded Chassis (Double Frame Rail)

Quick Overview:

Pro Mod Truck Welded Chassis (Double Frame Rail). Please select body style from the drop down menu.

Welded Chassis Features:
• Serialized Chassis Constructed on TMRC Jig
• TIG Welded By Exceptional Craftsmen
• Built To Latest SFI Specifications
12-Month Enrollment in Builder Discount Program

Welded Chassis Includes:
• Welded Chassis w/ Funny Car Cage
• Shock Mounts Installed
• Standard Wishbone Mounts Installed
• Standard 4-Link Brackets Installed
• 360 Degree Drive Shaft Loop Installed
• Lower Control Mounts Installed
• Standard Upper Strut Mounts Installed
• Rack & Pinion Mounts Installed

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