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  • Unwelded Truck Chassis Kit
  • Unwelded Truck Chassis Kit
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Unwelded Truck Chassis Kit

Quick Overview:

With basic fabrication skills, building your own racecar is easier than ever with TMRC’s unwelded chassis kits! Unlike most generic chassis kits that are simplified for universal fit, these premium kits follow the same blueprints used in TMRC’s chassis shop for complete Pro Modified and Top Sportsman builds. The result is a race-proven chassis design that is specifically tailored for your truck. Check out the information and video below to learn more!

Chassis Kit Includes:
• Pre-Bent Chassis Tubes w/ Funny Car Cage
• Shock Mount Tabs
• Wishbone Tabs
• 4-Link Brackets
• 360 Degree Drive Shaft Loop
• Lower Control Tabs
• Upper Strut Tabs
• Rack & Pinion Mount Tabs

Also Included:
12-Month Enrollment in Builder Discount Program
Detailed Blueprints & Instructions
2-Hour Chassis Kit Assembly Video

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