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  • HD 4130 Wishbone Kit
  • Heavy Duty Wishbone Slider Body
  • HD Wishbone X Brace
  • 1.25" HD Wishbone Slider
  • Slider Wishbone Hardware
  • Wishbone Slider Assembly and Hardware
  • V2 HD Wishbone Installed
  • Pro Mod Wishbone
  • Wishbone Dimensions
  • Wishbone Dimensions
  • Wishbone Dimensions
  • Wishbone Dimensions
  • Optional Forward Wishbone Mount Kit
  • Optional Forward Wishbone Mount Kit

HD Wishbone Kits

Quick Overview:

After several seasons testing on the world’s quickest and fastest door slammers, TMRC’s V2 Heavy Duty Wishbones are now available in kit form! Choose from four standard sizes when ordering.

• Heavy Duty X-Brace Design
• CNC-Notched Tubes Create Perfect Symmetry
• Welded in CNC Fixture to Preserve Accuracy and Uniformity
• Ultra-Smooth 1-1/4” Steel Slider
• Machined Slider Body with Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• Drop-In ready for V1 Wishbones
• Optional Forward /Reverse Mount Kits for New Installations
• Made In USA

• TIG Welded 4130 Heavy Duty Wishbone
• Machined HD Slider Unit
• Slider Sleeve Bearings and Retainers
• HIMIS Wishbone Rod Ends and Jam Nuts
• Slider Rod End, Spacers, Locking Pin and Jam Nut

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