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  • Adjustable Gas Pedal Mount
  • Adjustable Pedal Stop
  • Adjustable WOT Switch
  • Adjustable Pedal Kit
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Adjustable Pedal Kit – Brake, Gas

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Quick Overview:

The TMR-1241KA Adjustable Pedal Kit is configured with a standard gas and brake pedal. The kit comes complete with everything you need for the adjustable assembly including a movable throttle back stop. Add the TMR-1241K-OP2 Wide Open Throttle Switch Bracket upgrade to mount a micro switch. Watch the video below for a quick overview.

• Gas and Brake Pedals (4130)
• Pedal Shaft, Bearings
• Adjustable Billet Pedal Mounts
• Adjustable Billet Throttle Pedal Stop
• Mounting Hardware

• Precision Machined Billet Components
• Exceptionally Smooth Roller Bearings
• Zero Deflection
• Move Entire Pedal Assembly in ½” increments

• Increased Resale Value On Car
• Easy Switching Between Multiple Drivers
• No Pedal Spacers Needed
• Works With Existing Pedal Kits
• Ability To Fine Tune Activation Switches Without Re-Mounting Components


Driver controls in drag racing vehicles have seen very little change in the last 25+ years. Aside from material, the design and engineering behind pedal assemblies and steering columns has yet to evolve in any significant manner. Today, racers are fighting the same fitment issues after purchasing a pre-owned car, or switching drivers as they did before Al Gore ‘invented’ the internet. Until now...

If your daily driver can adjust to accommodate almost any driver, why can’t a technologically advanced race car do the same? Tim McAmis found himself asking the same question and challenged the team at Tim McAmis Race Cars to create a solution.

The result is a brilliantly executed set of billet components that give you ultimate control over your pedal and steering locations. These simple, yet effective pieces also give you a wide range of adjustability for individual items such as activation switches and pedal stops.

On-track testing using a range of today’s top performing doorslammers has proven that the adjustable pedal and steering assemblies improve the driver experience and tunability with any combination. Whether it’s a turbocharged, naturally aspirated, supercharged or nitrous injected car using a clutch or automatic set-up, TMRC has engineered a race-proven solution that accommodates any scenario.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of this system and why it’s a must-have for any serious racer.


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