From simple items like tabs and fittings to superior chassis kits, composites and customer support; Tim McAmis Performance Parts has become an industry leader by supplying everything you need to build and maintain your race car.

This edition of the Tim McAmis Performance Parts catalog features well over 1,500 products including chassis components, rear housings, electronics, fuel systems, complete bodies, safety items and much more. The easy-to-follow catalog contains large text, images and informative descriptions printed on durable material.

The Tim McAmis Performance Parts catalog is a must have for any hardcore racer who demands quality products and is available for download. Printed copies can be ordered free in our online store and also made available at events where our Trackside Support team is present.

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Feel free to browse our extensive Online Catalog and Store which features the latest products from Tim McAmis Performance Parts along with almost 2,000 hardcore parts and components.

Our online store allows you the ability to quickly search for items you may need and you no longer have to worry about misplacing or leaving the catalog behind. The online store can be viewed whenever or wherever with any device capable of browsing the internet!