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The TMPP Composite Repair Kit has proven to be an item that any racer should keep stocked in their trailer and garage.

Have you ever had your race weekend cut short due to a nitrous explosion, timing cone or even wall contact damaging your body? Make sure that never happens again and fix it in time for the next round with this extensive Composite Repair Kit from Tim McAmis Performance Parts.

Unlike other products, the TMPP Composite Repair Kit was created by experts and gives you EVERYTHING needed to make a solid repair to both carbon fiber and fiberglass wherever the need arises. In addition, the TMPP kit is the only repair package available that is usable after a short 30 minutes of dry time!

Next time it comes to fixing a composite part; do not waste time trying to piece together the various cloths, resins, mats, hardeners, tools and safety items that are required for job, slap it all together and wait hours for it to dry. Doing so almost guarantees that you will have to address later issues caused by incompatible materials and a mediocre process.

Instead, be prepared with the TMPP Composite Repair Kit and follow the provided instructions. In record time, you will complete a superior repair that will last.

- Most extensive kit on the market – includes everything needed for a proper repair.
- Cures to working time in 30 minutes.
- Compatible with Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass.
- Assembled and tested thoroughly in the field by leading composite specialists.

- Instructions
- Vinyl Ester Resin
- Hardener
- Acetone (For Clean-Up)
- Carbon Fiber Cloth
- Fiberglass Cloth
- Fiberglass Mat
- Peel Ply
- 36 and 80 Grit Sand Paper
- Mixing Cups
- Mixing Sticks
- Resin Application Brushes
- Scissors
- Masking Tape
- Nitrate Gloves
- Safety Glasses
- Dust Particulate Mask

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