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With the Cold Fire Extinguishers you can Stop A Fire From Becoming A Blaze in an instant!

Do you have a fire extinguisher? Do you know where it is? Do you know how to use it?

The Cold Fire Extinguisher is portable and easy to use! Put in your car, hauler or where every you want to be safe and secure!

Cold Fire a super effective fire suppressant that extinguishes fires quickly & safely, and leaves surfaces cool to the touch…without leaving a toxic mess! Fire Fighting Professionals have trusted Cold Fire for years. Now for the first time ever due to its effectiveness and ease of use, it’s being made available for your protection.

Traditional fire extinguishers are difficult to use, leaving a messy toxic residue. Cold Fire extinguishes flames in seconds! It’s non-toxic, safer, quicker and cleans up easily. Cold Fire is effective in extinguishing Fuel, Wood, Fabric and Grease Fires; just about everything you’d expect in a standard fire.

Protect your property and loved ones… by having a can of Cold Fire within reach!

Just look at these benefits:

Easy to Use
Super Effective: Instantly Extinguishes Flames
Small & Portable
Leaves Surface Cool to the Touch

Limited quantity left in stock.

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