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Tim McAmis Race Cars & Performance Parts chassis kits feature the same championship winning, record breaking designs as TMRC cars completed in-house. TMRC chassis kits allow racers to continue the do-it-yourself tradition that our company was founded on while saving time and aggravation by providing established designs to work from. To complement the chassis, our kits and components are created with compatibility in mind, making fit and finish a lesser factor when constructing your race car. Chassis kits are available for dozens of bodies and configurations ranging from Pro Stock and Top Sportsman to Pro Modified, Pro Nitrous and Pro Extreme.

Spotlight: Riesterer Prevails with TMRC Chassis Kit

In 2007, Texas outlaw racer Doug Riesterer built a Pro Nitrous ’68 Camaro in his garage utilizing a chassis kit, body and components from TMPP. Soon after the Camaro debuted, Riesterer became a legend around the world by breaking records and out running many of the top Pro Nitrous teams all while competing with an outdated, small engine combination and limited to a shoe-string budget.

Seven years later, with the same home-built car, Riesterer continues to prevail in one of the toughest door slammer classes on the planet. The Camaro consistently runs at the top of the field accumulating numerous victories and #1 qualifier awards while recording dozens of 3.7 second passes, all with an automatic transmission!

Doug Riesterer Tim McAmis Chassis Kit

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