Carbon Fiber Element Wing

Model: TMC-1249C


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A new product for 2012, this element wing is constructed entirely of carbon fiber and weighs in at just over 8.5 lbs.

Unlike other wings on the market which are made with a carbon fiber skin over a metal frame, this design from TMPP which was produced by Velocity Composites features an ultra-rigid carbon fiber support structure, skin, spill plates and mounting points all of which contribute to making the wing the lightest and strongest in its class.

Each wing is built to order and the mounting centers can be made to span the width of any application, so please specify when ordering.

Along with the weight savings and strength, customers receive the unsurpassed quality and detail that goes into each component produced by Velocity Composites and Tim McAmis Performance Parts.

This wing can be made in any widths up to 60" (measured from the outside to outside of the spill plates).

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